Semalt Expert Explains What You Need To Know To Promote Your Website Successfully

In recent years, many people are concerned about their online business and are asking a simple question: What do I need to do to successfully promote my business online in the face of all this competition? It is clear to all of us that in an era where more and more companies are turning to online business, this question is becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, as SEO Experts with over 10 years of experience, we felt it necessary to summarize some of our ideas about the world of SEO, to help agencies better succeed in their mission. In particular, we will talk about how to approach this world of SEO without prior knowledge, but with a genuine desire to learn. 

Let's get started.

Firstly, you need to familiarize yourself with current search engine techniques

Anyone who wants to be successful in SEO must first and foremost know, even if fundamentally, how search engines work, namely: 
  • where the search engine pulls the search results from; 
  • how it crawls websites;
  • what is indexing;
  • what are the indexing robots;
  • what is a crawling budget and how to make this budget has a basic optimization;
  • how to signal to the search engine that they don't want its crawlers to visit certain pages, and why they do it and more and more.
These factors are the bases that will allow you to build a good SEO foundation. So, you must apply your time to know about each of them. Otherwise, you will be wasting your energy working in vain.

Know how to analyze the activities of competitors

When a webmaster approaches a job, he cannot perform it optimally, if he is not well familiar with the competitive environment.

The SEO must understand the business, the comparative advantage of the company, that will make it advance over its business competitors. In addition, he must know the situation in the optimization of the pages of his site concerning competing sites, analyze the quality and profile of links to the external reference site. He must know, the full range that must support the bleeding from the website: is the company prepared in terms of infrastructure, people, systems and value proposition, to face the activities of competitors? All of this must be done meticulously to allow for easy SEO.

To achieve such a task professionally, I don't advise you to use your knowledge, because it won't do you much good. To perform a thorough analysis of competitors' activities you need to use a dedicated tool. Besides, there are several SEO tools available in the market today, but be very careful, because most of these tools are not adapted to the actual needs of SEO promotion.

So, if you want a quality SEO tool that has all the features to accomplish even the most complex SEO work, I advise you to opt for the SEO Dedicated Dashboard.

What is SEO Dedicated Personnel Dashboard?

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is a latest-generation SEO tool focused on innovation. The dedicated SEO Dashboard is a complete web analytics and SEO auditing platform that you can run on your domain at no cost. This will allow you to provide your clients with a set of necessary analyst services under your brand.

One of the multiple features of this tool is the Google search show analysis.

You can use this Dashboard feature set to show your clients the positions of their sites in Google search, as well as the TOP pages and keywords for which they are ranked. In addition, this competitive analysis feature helps you identify the top competitors in the right niche, their traffic-driving keywords and understand their promotion strategy.

The SEO Dedicated Dashboard has features and benefits that you won't see in other SEO tools, even the most popular ones. I leave you the time to appreciate its performance and speed through the 14-day free trial that Semalt offers to get to know this tool better before you invest financially.

Now let's move on to the third factor that you absolutely must know!

Understand whether results can be achieved, when and on what budget

The most common saying of a successful and decent website promoter should be: With the given budget that you are willing to allocate for the benefit of the promotion process, you will not be able to achieve quality results that will make the process profitable.

A good website promoter should know the niche he is going to promote and evaluate how long it will take him to produce satisfactory results for the client against the given budget.

Within this assessment, the site promoter should weigh the collection of data about the competitors' promotional activities. In addition, he must also take into account possible updates to Google's search algorithm and other search engines. A good website promoter needs to understand what the minimum budget is, under which the promotional activity will not be effective.

In some areas, especially those saturated with competition, low-budget SEO is simply unrealistic. Including the fact that with such a budget it will not be possible to build a link profile that can compete with competing sites, optimize on many and varied website pages. In addition, it will also not be possible to produce high-quality content and perform the needed technical improvements to promote the site.

Familiarize yourself with algorithm updates and understand the trend

Those who intend to engage in website promotion, need to know a little history, understand what actions website promoters used to perform in the past, which ones are not relevant today to the promotion process, and which ones can even suffer a manual penalty from the world's largest search engine.

In recent years, Google has often updated its search algorithm, incorporating various elements such as machine learning, different approaches to the mobile world, dealing with spam links, tracking techniques for masking the activity of publishers who act contrary to Google's guidelines and more.

Anyone who seriously intends to learn about the world of SEO and wants to avoid mistakes that will cost him valuable time and resources should be familiar with this world of content.

Know how to choose a promotion strategy

There are different and varied ways to promote websites and two different promoters can take completely different approaches in this regard, and achieve similar results. There is no one right way, and different routes can bring the site owner to the destination.

The wisdom is to create a promotion strategy tailored to the site you want to promote, adhere to, monitor the performance of the actions derived from it, and constantly improve the way you conduct yourself to achieve excellent results.

Familiarize yourself with technological tools designed for webmasters

The world of SEO is rich in many and varied tools used by website promoters in various tasks: keyword research, link building, finding opportunities, content analysis, finding duplicate content, etc.

Those who want to specialize in the world of SEO should fully understand these tools, make frequent use of them, and become familiar with their pros and cons.

Know how to do keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO process.

Thorough keyword research must locate the least popular keywords used by SEOs. In addition, understand the level of competition for them; understand how much buying intent they contain behind them, or how much they indicate a desire to explore and search for information in an initial stage, to locate all new words and more.

To accomplish this important task, you can use the Dedicated Dashboard which can make you summarize all the trending keywords on the desired niche. It will then give you all the necessary information about each keyword.

Produce quality content

Ultimately, content is one of the key elements of the SEO world.

Quality content is content that motivates surfers to action, which allows them to get real value, and produces quality interaction of the users on the site.

By the way, quality content does not have to be an in-depth article laden with formulas and examples. Quality content is the one that best meets the search intent of the surfer.

Focus on actions that produce great value in seeing cost-effectiveness

At the end of the day, there is an infinity of actions you can take to promote your site.

Some will cost you quite a bit of money, others will consume quite a bit of time, and there will be both actions that will require your unique attention and knowledge as well as simple technical actions that you can outsource.

In any case, from the collection of all these actions, you should focus on the actions that generate the greatest value for you in front of the investment. These actions, of course, can vary from site to site and from project to project.

Perform optimization properly

Those who want to get into SEO must learn how to adapt on each page to show up in search results pages. To do this, they need to create proper titles and meta descriptions, incorporate keywords in important places on the site. In addition, they should build a hierarchy, localize correctly and use internal links, and strictly hierarchical tags on the site and more.

Be able to make collaborations

In the world of SEO, it is difficult to impossible to succeed on your own without quality collaborations. Collaborations can be manifested in the exchange of links, in their construction, in the publication of guest articles.

Understand and solve technical problems of indexing, site speed, etc.

A good website promoter is also one who masters the technical knowledge needed for website promotion: 
  • improving the loading times of website pages, knowing the proper configuration of hosting services and SSL certificate installations on the website;
  • solving indexing problems, search engine coverage, and more.

Know how to build links

A good website promoter identifies a collection of opportunities for building a link profile. He does this by engaging with the vendors of the business he promotes, engaging with customers, engaging with colleagues, finding broken links in the niche and more and more.

Great webmaster also knows where to buy links, what are the best prices in the market for that link, and where it would not be worth buying that link. A good website promoter knows how to set up support sites, maintain them, and broadcast that these are customer sites, for all intents and purposes.

Connect to other arrays in the business

A good website promoter does not work in a vacuum.

Anyone knowledgeable in website promotion knows that even the best, most successful and effective promotion process will not last long if the service that the customer receives at the end is not good; if the business will not be available in the right channels with the warranty on the product provided. To make the SEO process successful, a website promoter needs to know how to orchestrate all the layouts in the business for a language-speaking activity.

Wait patiently

And the requirement that is perhaps the most important in this field of SEO is to simply succeed and wait patiently…

Sometimes, an SEO project, where everything is done right, can gain momentum in one day, as if out of nowhere. The search engine sometimes takes time to know how to evaluate and weigh the quality of website pages in order to rank them in the search engine.

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